How to Make a Blog Easy to Find in Search Engines

make a blog easy to find in search engines

Make a blog easy to find in search engines

When we talk about creating a blog, it can't be separated from the backlink. But do you know what the function of backlinks is and how important backlinks are for a blog?

A backlink itself is a link from your blog (blog link, post link, category link, etc.) that is placed on other people's websites or blogs. so that when the link is clicked, that person's blog visitors will go to your blog.

Then how important are backlinks?

Backlinks are very important to make your blog found in Google search results and other search engines because backlinks signify the authority or trustworthiness of your blog. So no matter how good your blog or how good your writing is, people will still find it difficult to find your blog on internet searches if your blog doesn't have a backlink. Of course, you can ignore backlinks if your target audience is on social media or private groups, where you just need to share the account to their group or account.

Here are some profile links and RSS links that can be used to create backlinks. It takes patience and perseverance because we have to create accounts one by one and then put our blog address into that account.

Link Profile

Link RSS

On the following rss link replace the Your Url with your website link and place the link on your website page or PBN. Make sure the link can be clicked.

This method according to some people will make website more quickly crawlered by search engine robots, although I personally have not found clear research results. Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url Url

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